What Does A Beachbody Coach Do? WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU!

I love this question because I think as a Beachbody coach I am always getting asked, “What exactly does a Beachbody coach do?” You may be thinking the same thing I am, that is why you are checking out this post right? In this article, I am going to share with you what it is exactly that we do as Beachbody coaches. You will get the VIP access to tips and incite on the total Beachbody Coaching experience. Do we really just sell things, or is there more to it.

I think the biggest thing to realize is that every Beachbody coach’s prospective is going to be different. You’re going to find a wide range of answers but I hope that his short preview gives you a little insight as to what we do on a daily basis.

What Does A Beachbody Coach Do – Coaching Video

Below you’ll find a great video on what other coaches have to say about Beachbody coaching. Check out the video of other testimonials.



I think one of the biggest misconceptions is this idea that all a Beachbody coach does is push product and you have to become a sales person. This simply is not true. Yes, selling is a part of doing any business. You’re going to have to understand if you want to get started in any Network Marketing company.  However, as a Beachbody coach you are not selling, you are sharing. What is the difference? To me selling is, in the traditional sense, pushing more product out the door. However, sharing is talking about your experience with the product.

The biggest thing we do as Beachbody coaches is share what is working for thousands of people. We are sharing out personal weight loss stories, or friend’s personal success, and the success of hundreds of thousands around the world. We tie the story back to how it can help the customer. Yes technically this is “selling” but when you look at it this way, we are making an impact, not just pushing product out.

So ask yourself this question, can you share your story or are you already doing that? Then you’re a Beachbody coach.



I get this all the time. Do you have to be in shape, a professional trainer, or have a background in fitness? Quick answer is, no.

You are not training anyone while you are a coach. Sure you can run what we call Fit Clubs but even then you’re not “teaching” the class. As a coach, it is not required to know about bio-mechanical movement, and weight loss techniques. The programs are built to take care of that for you.

Your job as a Beachbody coach is to inspire, motivate, help the customer through the program, and add value to their experience.   Are you in a better position if you are a profession? Not always, again this business is about your ability to relate to people and build customers and coaches that trust and like you.


My favorite thing about coaching is that we build leaders. We build a team of likeminded people that are driven and want to be successful just like us. Team Beachbody is Network Marketing and  to be successful you have to build a team around you. I think this is the best part. Currently, I have coaches spread all throughout the United States.  We have reached from Maine to Arizona, Hawaii to Florida. The opportunity to build a team and impact people you don’t even know is what coaching is all about.

What Does A Beachbody Coach Do?

What Does A Beachbody Coach Do?


The final thing I wanted to touch on is the most important point. WHAT DOES A BEACHBODY COACH DO? They are simply people who care. They care about helping others fulfill their goals of weight loss, financial freedom, etc.

As a coach, we are invested in the lives of others. It is your job to take people from point A, where they aren’t too happy, and guide them to point B. The thing is, I personally don’t work with everyone because not everyone is driven to do what gets them results, but I do give everyone a chance. How many times do you just wish you had a chance to improve, earn more money, lose weight, etc? If you were given that chance what would you do with it?



I hope this post helps you to see what we do as coaches. Sometimes it isn’t always pretty but the life change that happens is AMAZING. Do you want financial freedom? Do you want to feel better about your life and have significance, as coaches we give that to you?

This is the crossroads in your life where you can either try something new or continue to keep going down the same path you always have. I challenge you to sign-up to become a Beachbody coach today, and allow our team to help you reach your goals. You already know what a coach does. Now it is time to make the commitment.

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Yours in Health,

Nick J


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