Are you wondering which program you should do? Which one is right for you or if simply one is better than the other. As a past Kosama instructor and current Beachbody Coach I have experienced both programs first hand. Hopefully through-out this post you will get a non-biased view on both programs (but you probably won’t). Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages as with any weight loss system. Read this article all the way through and determine for yourself which program best fits your needs P90X vs Kosama.


P90X vs Kosama – The Workouts and Creators

When you look at the differences for these two workouts note the date this article has been posted. I haven’t been in the Kosama system for almost a year now so things may have changed. They have undergone new ownership and could have revamped their program.



I think it is only fair to look at how each program was created and the individuals behind it. You can get an understanding of the quality of each program and where the ideas came from.



P90X was created by Celebrity fitness professional, Tony Horton. Tony has worked and trained top celebrates and has included his knowledge and skill set into creating programs. P90X was created to improve the pervious program Power 90. Tony Horton went to the sources of top gymnastics, kenpo instructors, yoga professionals, and combined all his knowledge with the expert’s opinions and help. This program took years of development before it was ready for you.



Kosama’s name was taken from creators Kory, Sara, and Matt (KoSaMa). Each placed their own unique style into the program. Kory is a chiropractor in Des Moines, IA, while Matt is a personal training. Outside of that I know little about the start-up of the company, how long it took, etc. They have recently sold the company to Snap Fitness who own the rights to the name.



While each program has their differences I think the reason you want to make sure if one or the other is right for you is because each one is very similar in style. Again I haven’t been in the Kosama system for over a year, dating back to June 2011. While I was there I noted a lot of similarities in the programs. Over the course of my time there Kosama started to take on their own identity.

Below you will see a chart of the breakdown of each program.



Time 60 Minutes (Yoga 90 Minutes) 50-60 Minutes
Days 6 Days a Week 6 Days a Week
Workout Types Resistance – 5Core – 2Cardio – 3Yoga – 2Stretch – 1 Resistance – 3Core – 1Circuit/Cardio – 3*May have changed
Modifications Yes Yes
Equipment Yes No (Only need yoga mat)
Price $119.95 (Plus Two Gifts by ordering through a coach) Only 8 Weeks @ $200

Monthly Fee to contiune


Advantages of Each Program



  • You are get to keep the program and can continue to improve. You won’t pay extra to maintain the program.
  • You are in your own home and don’t have to travel
  • You get a personalized coach that will work with you every step of the way. It is there job to make sure you stay on track and keep going.
  • Price
  • You can mix other programs in to customize your workout schedule.



  • Motivational instructor – You have a class that can hold you accountable for not coming.
  • Group Atmosphere
  • You don’t have to have your own equipment
  • You can come to class as many times are you like in your 8 week period.


Disadvantages of each Program



  • If you need a group environment this is a disadvantage.
  • You need equipment (You can get away with minimal equipment but you still need to buy it)



  • Price – You’ll pay almost 3 times as much and then more to maintain the program
  • Doesn’t have Yoga (Which is proven to reduce injury)
  • Limited nutritional support
  • Limited group support outside of the classroom (Facebook page setup)


P90X VS KOSAMA – Nutrition Plan

If you haven’t heard by now your nutrition will play a bigger role in your results. This is where these two programs take a completely different turn. P90X and Beachbody (Company that created P90X) set you up for success with your nutrition. P90X comes with a complete nutrition guide outlining what you should eat. Their line of supplements like Shakeology use natural resources and add in the body’s ability to repair and gain nutritional support. Shakeology has no artificial ingredients or fillers.

KOSAMA’s nutritional plan is limited. They use posts from their blogs, and short 1-2 minute videos on nutrition (Which I don’t think they even do anymore). Their line of nutritional products are filled with artificial ingredients and some are high in preservatives.

The edge for nutrition goes to Beachbody and P90X.



As I tell everyone that asks me which one is better I always say it just depends on what you’re looking for.  If you want a short, intense, highly accountable, (pay more), fun atmosphere workout, then Kosama is what you’re looking for.

P90X on the other hand, is for those not wanting to spend as much, having that personalized coach that gives nutritional advice, and a complete customized nutrition plan.

I have to give the edge to P90X simply because it is more cost effective, has a complete system with top noticed nutritional tools and workout system. The support from every coach is great and you get that support in or outside the gym. I mentioned the idea of (their nutritional line) but coaches are great a giving you alternatives that many people can afford (and that have good value). When you get into the corporate setting they will try to pitch you things that aren’t always good for you.


If you are ready to give P90X a try and want that accountability, someone that has been through the program and knows how to maximize your results please comment below. There is a link to purchase P90X and you will receive TWO FREE gifts from me!



I hope this article helps you decide which program is best for you. Happy WEIGHT LOSS!


Yours in Health,

Nick J








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  1. Jim
    December 31, 2012 at 1:51 am #

    I find that you must not have done proper evaluation to your readers do to the fact that most of all your information was false and misleading. You should revisit Kosama and maybe take another class because the price you revealed in 2-3x what they charge, the nutrition program is awesome, and there is free equipment that comes with the program. So in closing get your facts straight; I don’t like people writing about something especially when they state right in the begining of their coparison that they have not compared apples to apples.

    • nickjarosh
      December 31, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

      Jim this post was before Kosama was bought out. The price is was highlighted when the post was created. The facts are accurate just out of date. Also, the nutritional bars sold use artificial ingredients which is NOT good nutrition.

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