How to Choose the Right Yoga Blanket for You

One of the more important accessories for yoga is the yoga blanket. There are many of such blankets for yoga, but ultimately, you will need one that meets all your requirements. In this article, we are going to look at the qualities which make for quality blankets for yoga routines.

Heavy blanket

Yoga blanket that is heavy is a plus for your yoga practice. This means that you will get all the support you need with a light blanket than you would with a light one. You can bolster it to cushion you especially when you are meditating.

The smaller ones will come into use if you want to use 2 instead of 1 for the bolster position. Alternatively, you can still use them for warp or as a mart during yoga. Ideally; people still find a use for them in their small sizes. However, the comfort really matters, much the same with stability and this is why larger, heavier ones remain the best bet yet when it comes to yoga. With this hindsight, you will find a reason to buy this particular size.

Weight over size

One thing that bothers people is what overrides the other: weight or size? Admittedly, the weight takes it all when it comes to choosing between the two. This is because if yoga blanket is heavier, it means that their weaves are tightly knit, offering you absolute comfort. On the other hand, the lighter ones have less weave, which could spell problems for you in terms of comfort. Size, as we have seen, is not everything because you will find use with your blanket anyway. So as a rule, ensure that you get the height factor in mind when shopping for the blankets and only stop in your tracks to think about the size after paying attention to the weight. It is the rule of the thumb.


Another important issue that keeps propping up is whether the yoga blankets should be handmade or machine made. Some people say that handmade ones are more authentic than the machine ones. If we can lend credence to this line of argument, then it goes without saying that we should go for quality regardless of the way it is made. You may be lucky to find a machine made blanket that is still of good quality. However, there is some element of truth in the assertion that the handmade ones are better. Only experience will help to tell the difference; if you find a good handmade one, you will be good to go for sure.


The material used to make the blankets is yet another consideration. Acrylic is one of the commonest materials used o make the yoga blanket. Polyester and cotton are the other materials that you will find make good blankets.

With this hindsight, you are now ready to find out the best blanket for your yoga sessions. What is important is that you only buy what you need for a price that you can afford.

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