How Much Does It Cost To Be a Beachbody Coach?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get about the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. The answer is it all depends on how you want to get started. I’ll go over challenge packs, coaching packs, and the basics in the paragraphs below but know that that when you sign-up to becoming a Beachbody coach your signing-up for a business. What you spend isn’t as important as how you treat your new business.


Basic Fees – How Much Does It Cost to be a Beachbody Coach?

One of the best things about signing-up as a Beachbody coach is that we get 25% off all the products Beachbody has. This includes Shakeology and all the programs.  Each month I get shipped a bag of Chocolate Shakeology for about $30 less than the retail price.  You can sign-up to be a Beachbody coach just for the discount alone if you wish. We call these preferred customers. You don’t have to actively grow a business but have the option to in the future.

The basic cost to sign-up as a Beachbody coach is $39.95 plus tax and you start off with the basic kit, plus your first months fees paid for. This is a one-time payment and every month there after you will be billed $14.95 to maintain your account. The reason you are billed this amount is because Beachbody gives you THREE websites to send future customers and coaches to. Below is a break down the basic starter kit fees and what you get.

Coaching Kit$39.95

  • 3 Websites to make sales from (,, and
  • A Coaches Started Kit – Incudes 2 CD – Business Training and Print Files
  • Back Office – E-mail system, training modules,  latest news and information

Monthly Recurring Fees $14.95

  • Website and back office maintenance.
  • Business fees need to stay current to earn money

Basic Fee with Shakeology HD – How Much Does It Cost to Be A Beachbody Coach?

It is not a requirement outside of that basic fee to sign-up as a Beachbody Coach. However, if you are like me and want to take full advantage of the benefits Beachbody has to offer, you must be on Shakeology HD. I have found that those coaches on Shakeology HD are the ones most serious about growing a business, making a significant income, and take all of it seriously. There are two reasons for this;

  1. When you are on Shakeology HD you are getting healthy yourself. So you are walking the walk. You’re improving your health, which in returns helps you to improve the health of others. It makes you the “expert” in the eyes of those watching you. Simply by using a product.
  2.  You’re going to be talking about it so you want to be representing your coaching business well. You want to be able to tell people what you think about it. If you’re on Shakeology then it becomes about sharing and not selling.

Again, this is not a required purchase. Some coaches get on it later in their coaching career. Here are a few more benefits as to why you should start on Shakeology HD as a coach.

  • Bonuses
    • As an active coach you can earn more income and bonuses the larger your rank advancement. Shakeology helps you stay active to do this.
  • Customer Lead Programs
    • Beachbody has an amazing customer lead program. They basically give you customers to help through their journey.  Once you meet certain requirements you are entrusted with these people. Shakeology helps you meet one of those requirements.

You may have questions about the above statements because I didn’t go to in-depth on them. Please leave a comment below or send me a message on my contact page.

So how much does this cost me? With Shakeology and your starter kit, you will pay roughly $140 depending on where you are getting your Shakeology shipped to. Tropical Shakeology will also raise the price roughly $7. So broken down I highly recommend taking this route. You’ll find that $140 is a drop in the hat to start a business.


Miscellaneous Purchases – How Much Does It Cost to Be a Beachbody Coach?

Here are a few other purchases you can make to get your Beachbody Coaching Business off the ground.

  • Challenge Pack – Includes: Shakeology, a program of your choice, and a free 30 day Club Membership trial. By purchasing a challenge pack you can save up to $50 for bundling.  Price: $165-$205 – Click Here To View Challenge Packs
  • Beachbody Show Case – Includes Six Top Selling Programs and Resistance Bands – $269.99
  • Diamond Pack – This is for the SERIOUS business builder , Completely equips you with sharing tools, and many of the Beachbody programs – $699.99


Are you ready to get started? I just have one question to ask you. If you had no restraints in your life what would it look like? Time, Money, Success weren’t an issue what would you do, see, have? How would your life be different? Anything you can dream is possible. I have been in your shoes, I use to work a job I hated, I had no money to do anything, I lived with my parents, and my life was crappy. I can’t promise that by becoming a Beachbody coach your dreams will become a reality. I can’t promise this because I don’t know how hard you’re willing to work. You’ll never know unless you take that next step. Click the link below to start this journey with me.  Your just one decision away from your dreams.


Yours in Health,

Nick J


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