Does Fat Freezing Just transfer the fat to other areas?

Scientists, doctors and commercial companies are constantly looking for new methods to lose weight that involve less effort for the patient, and offer faster results.


The latest in slimming techniques that comes to us from the United States is CoolSculpting, a method that consists of freezing fat cells to destroy them and expelling them through urine or feces.


The theory of CoolSculpting is simple: cover the area where fat accumulates with a protective gel, and apply two freezing plates that reduce the temperature of fat cells to 7 degrees below zero. Thanks to a thermal device, this freezing occurs without the patient feeling cold.


The fat cells are frozen and destroyed, turning them into triglycerides that are filtered by the liver and expelled naturally by the body through urine or feces. The home session lasts one hour and the patient can go home quietly, because as we said there is no pain, and it is an external treatment:


Freezing fat, a treatment which named as cryolipolysis Watford that can remove fat cells of people, is becoming a new revenue opportunity for doctors ‘ offices and spas looking to capitalize on the willingness of Americans to open their wallets to a physique thinner.


Dermatological clinics and medical spas are increasingly offering a procedure called CoolSculpting to shrink the rolls in the waist, the thick bellies and the loose arms. Doctors’ offices are eager to offer treatment because it represents a way to meet the rapidly growing demand for fat reduction services that do not require surgery. Also, they say, it’s a way to get new types of customers, including men.


Revive Medical Spa, the cosmetic subsidiary of a dermatology practice in Fayetteville, began offering the CoolSculpting almost two years ago, after its owner, Dr. Lance Henry decided that it satisfied his patients’ demand for a reduction in fat. surgical


Revive started with a CoolSculpting machine and added a second so that two white areas could be treated in the clients at the same time. Anne Scott, director of the Revive spa, said she has a lot of activity with fat-free customers.


The treatment lasts from 35 minutes to one hour, depending on the area treated. The effects are seen over a period of weeks after treatment, as the body eliminates dead fat cells. It can take between two and four months to see the full results.


The procedure costs an average of $ 625 per treatment, according to Zeltiq. A series of procedures, typically to treat different areas of the body, can amount to between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000.


Zeltiq sells its machines and a set of attachments for about $ 150,000. Zeltiq says he performed nearly four million treatment cycles in about one million patients until the end of last year, and had more than 5,600 machines installed worldwide.


New type of patient

The procedure is promoted among doctors and spas as an “entry” treatment that can help grow the clientele of people who would not otherwise undergo cosmetic treatments. The idea is that when people come to freeze their fat, they also hear about Botox (another Allergan product) and other aesthetic options.


CoolSculpting is not the only one that markets non-invasive fat reduction machines among the media, and some consultants offer multiple products to patients. Other options include radiofrequency and laser-based treatments. The freezing of fat, however, is the market leader, according to the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

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