Can’t Decide Between Long Hair and Short Hair? Try Hair Extensions!

Bored with your averagely short hair? Go for hair extensions!

Do you regret cutting off your long locks of hair? Many women have a constant struggle between long hair and short hair. You can do more with long hair, but short hair is easier to manage and to maintain. The solution to this struggle is hair extensions!

Hair extensions can instantly give you your dream hairstyle without having to wait six to twelve months to grow your hair. It gives you the flexibility to try new hairstyles without being stuck with just short hair. If you get bored of long hair, you can just remove the extensions and vice versa. Hair extensions can be easily taken care of with consistent maintenance. It will add thickness and volume to your hair and only benefit the appearance. Hair crimper can also use to hair extensions to make different styles.

The major disadvantages of hair extensions are the expensive cost and there can be a potential damage to the natural hair since hair extensions are attached using knotting, braiding, or glue. The duration of attaching the hair extensions is also a disadvantage because it may take eight to nine hours at the salon to get the hair extension attached.

Types Of Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair extensions.  The following list describes some of the techniques that are used in weaving the hair:

Clip Ins

Clip in extensions are inexpensive and very easy to use because they can taken out whenever you want. Without much fuss, you can change the length or style of your extensions. It is removable and causes little to no damage to natural hair.

Glue Ins

Glue in extensions are relatively easy to put in and can last for three to four weeks in time. It is a great option for girls who have several events in a row and on a budget. They are also comfortable to sleep in, and they’re washable! The risky part is that the glue is very damaging to the hair it prevents you from straightening the hair from the roots because the heat will melt the glue.

Sew Ins

Sew in extensions are strongly recommended for most hair types! They are braided onto your natural hair either straight down the back of your head or in a circular pattern so that none of your hair will be visible under the extensions. It takes four to five hours to put the extensions in, but they will last for about two months with regular maintenance.


Fusion extensions are the most versatile and expensive method of hair extensions! Fusion extensions are groups of hair (15-20 strands) which are stuck together with special glue formula and bonded with a little tool to the roots of your hair. They are washable, comfortable, and allow for versatile styling! They are very expensive and take about eight hours to put in the hair extensions.


The technique first requires one to weave a braid around the head using its own natural tresses into concentric circles. Then extension braids are sewn down from it.


The technique requires braiding of the natural tresses under a thin, breathable net that serves as a flat surface onto which stylists can weave extensions.

Lace extensions

This technique requires hand ventilating of a nylon mesh material (forming a cap) and then knotting single strands of-of hair into the tiny openings of the cap form. The extension units can be woven in or attached to the hairline with special adhesives.

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