Body Beast Review – Build: Legs


Body Beast - BUILD: LEGS

Body Beast - BUILD: LEGS

Alright I must admit I have chicken legs. That is what years of teaching fitness classes and neglecting to work my legs with any heavy weights. In high school, I use to love to do squat because that was a man’s lift (said in my deep voice). After doing P90X, I sort of got away from that. The Body Beast Build: Legs workout is a monster! Maybe it is because I neglected to do legs for a long time or possibly because leg workouts always take a lot of energy.

You’ll find that this workout is no joke! The only thing that isn’t tough about the workout is that it is less than 40 minutes long. Really though that is all that you need. By the end of these 90 days you’ll take your chicken legs and turn them into tree trunks! BEAST UP!



The first 3 weeks of the Body Beast routine is called the Build series. This is you’re starting point and where you learn proper technique so you don’t hurt yourself. With all the experience weight lifting it is still good to head back to form and make sure the foundation is there. This prevents injury and allows you to see gains faster.

This build series focuses on synergistic muscle groups, allowing you to get strong and build that foundation we just talked about. This uses the old school bodybuilding techniques in a time-efficient and intense way. All sorts of different types of sets are used in this starting phase. I’ll touch on those later on. Build series used with Bulk series (the next step) later in the program, will produce a powerful mass-building effect. Papeye has nothing on you!


Body Beast Dynamic Set Training™

The idea behind Dynamic Set Training is Sagi’s (creator of Body Beast) combination of old school and new school bodybuilding techniques. With Build: Legs you’ll get the combination of single sets, super sets, and giant sets. Again this is BUILDING the foundation, legs style.


A Single Set: this is only 1 exercise.

You’ll be doing Sumo Squats with lite then heavy weight. There isn’t a lot of rest during this entire routine so grab some FUEL SHOT and hit the those weights!


A Super Set: this is any 2 exercise movements, done back-to-back, without rest.

The hardest set in the series in my opinion. You’ll be doing lunges (starting with 15 reps each leg), then hitting step-up to reverse lunge. These are back-to-back and really hurt. I think I lose about 5 pounds during this part alone!


A Giant Set: this is 3 exercise movements, done back-to-back, that all target the same muscle group.

It doesn’t get any easier after the super set because you are on to the GIANT SETS. Two different squat moves mixed in with a dead-lift. Your hamstrings, quads, and glutes will be screaming for air.


After you have finished with the upper leg routine you end with a giant set of calves. This is targeting the real issue of “chicken legs”. My calves although strong and ripped are tiny. The burn comes very fast and you can feel the muscle working. After I am done with this workout, I end up drenched in sweat and love the way I feel. I think you’ll feel the same way.

Body Beast Nutrition Review

Nutrition will make or break you in this program. That is why it is SO important to be properly fueling the body. Many people think that to add mass you just have to add calories. While this is true if those calories are made up of junk you’ll end up fat when you’re not lifting as much. The calories you consume need to be good quality ingredients.

The idea behind the workout is to tear down muscle fiber but you have to be able to build it back up with proper nutrition. In the Body Beast nutrition book, you’ll have a specific amount of calories set for your body fat and starting weight. The Build phase has you eating 25% protein, 50% carbs, and 25% fat. Depending on your numbers you could be between 2,000 calories to 5,000 calories. The average is 3,000 and that is about where most guys will sit.

The supplement line can help you get your calories and I highly recommend getting the Body Beast supplements at least for the first few phases. If your body doesn’t do well with creatine you might have to find an alternative source.


Body Beast – Build: Legs Final Thoughts and Overall Review

This workout is top to bottom a monster. Since you are using your legs it takes a lot of force and energy to throw that weight around. This almost seems like a cardio workout for some. Remember when you are squatting form is king. This legs routine is a monster workout and you will love how you feel after.

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Yours in Health,

Nick Jarosh

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