Body Beast Nutrition Plan – EAT LIKE A BEAST!


Body Beast Nutritional Guide

Body Beast Nutritional Guide

The new workout called Body Beast is just that a BEAST! While the workout is tough you have to know that eating makes up an equal part of your results! Traditional Body Building has you eating everything and anything. Get those calories in right? Not in Body Beast! I’ll show you the highly secret plan to get great muscle mass and to get ripped without getting fat or driving through McDonalds every day. You also don’t have to spend a ton to get fuel your body in this program. There is even a section on what to eat while on a budget. Don’t we all wish that was in the P90X guide?

You want to add mass, build muscle, and look jacked? Then pay attention because the food you put into your body is just as important as the workouts. This is a natural approach to Body Building so put down the doughnuts and listen up dude!


Body Beast Eating Phases

Just like the workout, the eating plan is broken up into three different phases – BUILD, BULK, BEAST. Each one works alongside the workouts of that particular phase. The first thing you are asked to do is calculate your total caloric intake. You calculate your numbers based off your body fat and formula’s given in the Body Beast – Book of Beast! Once you have the first number for the Build phase you can start looking at the ratios.

The example in the book is Joe who is 170 pounds and around 8% body fat. The calculation comes out to be roughly 3,200 calories each day in the Build phase.


Build Phase Eating Plan: This phase is roughly 25/50/25. 25% – Protein, 50% – Carbs, and 25% Fat. This plan might seem low in protein but understand that your adding 3,200 calories (in our example) you’ll be getting plenty of protein based off the number of calories. This phase is designed to add mass so you need energy/calories to do that.

INPORTANT NOTE: While you will be taking in a good amount of protein, understand that you don’t have to pile it on to bulk up. The human body can only use so much protein at a time for building and repairing its different systems, like muscle. During this phase you’ll be at roughly 1 gram per pound of body weight. Don’t overdo the protein it will just get used up or stored.

Bulk Phase Eating Plan: This is roughly the same thing as the Build. You will just recalculate after you have finished the last phase.

Beast Phase Eating Plan: This phase is roughly 40/30/30. 40% Protein, 30% Carbs, and 30% Fat. You’ll also drop your calories dramatically. Think of this phase as the cutting phase. It will strip away the fat and get those muscles popping! (POW!)


Portion Charts

For each calories level you will have to hit certain portions for your micronutrients. Looking back at our example Joe is at 3200 calories so during the Build and Bulk phase his break down would look like this:

Starches: 8

Legumes or Protein Liquids: 4

Veggies: 7

Fruits: 9

Proteins: 14

Fats: 7

Hardcore Base Shake: 1

Fuel Shot: 2

When I first saw this I figured there was no way I would be able to get 7 servings of veggies in every day. Rest easy, they also have it substituted for Balance Liquids which is (Almond Milk, Shakeology, Coconut Water, etc) A serving of Shakeology covers 3 veggies. Add a cup of Almond Milk and your right around 5 servings.

A great way to keep track of all these ratios and calories is to use MYFITNESSPAL.COM. This website/app is a great tool and a life savor. They already have all the Beachbody supplements programmed in so it’s as simple as a click of a button.


How am I going to get all those calories in?

Biggest question I think everyone asks. Between the supplements (Hardcore Base Shake and Fuel Shot), and the Beast-O-Matic Shakes you’ll find it is actually pretty easy. I am usually a big fan of actually eating all my food but this is a TON of calories. There is a whole section on shakes, and how to add calories with protein shakes. The only thing you want to be careful of is only using protein shakes to get your calories. Make sure you are eating your food. I have known many mass building people that only drink protein shakes. The Body Beast book has some great recipes that are protein packed. Use those instead of just going for shakes all the time.


Alcohol and Caffeine while Beasting Up

Sagi made a great point in the nutrition guide and I’ve always said this to the individuals that I coach. If you can’t go 3 months without you probably have a problem. Anything in moderation is fine. Having a few glasses of wine here and there isn’t going to kill you. However, how bad do you want these results? All of the trainers stay away from this stuff. That is why they look the way they do. Enough said there.


Body Beast Supplements

The supplements play a large role in the nutrition process. I wrote a blog covering all these supplements so check it out here – Body Beast Supplements. I used both the Hardcore Base Shake and other proteins. I am stickler when it comes to the protein I use. It has to sit well with my body because many of them don’t (like Wal-Mart or cheap brands).


Body Beast Nutritional Plan Review

If you’re looking into giving Body Beast a try then understand that the nutrition plan is the road map to your success. You can throw weights around all day long but you won’t get the results you want without fueling your body right. It is important that you follow the meal plan approach. If you want to look like a Beast you have to eat like one.

Are you ready to Beast Up? Click the link below to get started with Body Beast and to add me as your FREE Coach. I have been through the program and will walk you through every step! The decision in now to make the change you are looking for!


Yours in Health,

Nick Jarosh

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