Beachbody Coaching Rewards – Success Club Trip for 2014

SS Beachbody - Success Club Trip 2014

SS Beachbody – Success Club Trip 2014

This Saturday Beachbody event held their quarter Super Saturday to talk about all things new coming to Beachbody for the following year. One of the best things about coaching is that this company spares no expense when it comes to rewarding coaches for their hard work. In previous years, Beachbody has had trips to Hawaii, Atlantis resort, and Disney world. These trips are earned through doing very simple things, inviting people to get healthy and fit with you. That is what these rewards are all about.

During this past Super Saturday event Beachbody rolled out the location for the 2014 Success Club Trip! Drum roll please….. All aboard the SS Beachbody! That is right not only is Beachbody housing the 2014 Success Club cruise on an awesome boat but IT IS THE ONLY THING ON THE BOAT! Beachbody is reserving the entire Royal Caribbean – Liberty of the Seas luxury cruise boat. The entire cruise will be Beachbody related only!

How do you earn the Cruise?

In years past, the trip was entirely based off earning your way to the reward. This year Beachbody has changed things a little bit. You purchase your room and place a deposit down. Then for every success club point you earn you’ll get $10 toward the cost of the room. Below is how you earn success club points:

1 Pt – Shakeology HD sale through a customer or coach

2 Pt – Challenge Pack Sale through customer or coach

You no longer need to be in Success Club 5 or 10 to travel on the trip.


Why be in Success Club?

Success Club Trip 2012

Success Club Trip 2012

One of the questions I get asked all the time is does it really matter if you are in success club? Yes it does! As a coach, you earn many extra bonuses for hitting success club but most importantly it is a growth tool for your business. By hitting success club you are doing what it takes to be successful as a Beachbody coach.

Being a coach and being in Success Club myself I have seen the benefits and growth with this bench mark. I teach our team to hit success club because it means growth and it means you are taking this business and YOUR business seriously.



Tips for Hitting Success Club

I have compiled a few tips that I hope will help any coach hit success club. You’ll hear these over and over as coach but the successful coaches live and work these tips day in and day out.

  1. Invite – Ask people to join you in getting healthy and fit. Not ask them to do P90X but ask them what they need to hit THEIR Goals. When you find a need with someone you become a problem solver NOT a sales person. The products work but this is a relationship business. Build relationships and seek out what will HELP them.
  2. Use the products! – You should be using the products yourself! How can you ask someone to join you if you aren’t drinking Shakeology or doing P90X or any Beachbody program.
  3. Develop the leader within you! You attract the type of people you attract through WHO you are! You want to attract leaders, then become a stronger leader!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are already a coach or considering about becoming one Beachbody offers you amazing rewards for your hard work! By joining our team we show you step by step how to reap these rewards. This business is a team effort and we treat it as such! Our slogan is together we are better. Isn’t that so true? You are better when you have people around you helping you.

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Yours in Health,

Nick Jarosh

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