Jollibee VS McDonalds

Jollibee VS McDonalds

Ever since its formation, Jollibee has been in an economic war with McDonalds. For years, McDonalds was able to spread across the world, known as the best and most famous fast food restaurant of all! Then one day, a happy go lucky bee decided to intrude on their parade.

Menu Differences

Most people are already aware of the sorts of food McDonalds sells. It’s slightly different with each country chain based on the general demand of that culture. For the most part, you will find that McDonalds sells burgers, fries, and soft drink combos, as well as chicken nuggets if you prefer a smaller meal. Their burgers are big and heavily processed, but hey, it’s fast food; what else would you expect? Other possibilities are deep fried chicken wings or legs, as well as a salad if you wish to feel healthy in a fast food restaurant. Desert menus usually contain sundaes, Mc Flurries, and some form of fruit pie. They are best known for their Big Mac burger, but depending on the country, there may be some differences.

For example, in New Zealand, you will likely find an Angus burger that is more popular than a Big Mac; this is because Angus beef is one of New Zealand’s best beef products. If you haven’t had the chance to try Angus beef, you really should find some! As for Jollibee, their menu contains less variety of burgers, but they make up for it with the other things they have. Jollibee is primarily based in Asia; now what do most Asians enjoy eating? Rice! Jollibee actually has combo meals with rice instead of or as well as fries. If Jollibee didn’t give the option for rice, they probably would be less successful. As well as burgers, fries, soft drinks, and rice, Jollibee also offers things like spaghetti, spicy fried chicken drumsticks, and burger steak with a mushroom sauce. Already you can see that Jollibee has more variety than McDonalds as well as being oriented more to the Asian style of cuisine. So, shall we get down to the big question; which of these two fast food brands is better? Let’s take a look!

McDonald’s Got Wrecked!

Now, before lots of hate and spam come this way, McDonalds is a very highly rated fast food branch; it’s just not the best. McDonalds has been around for a very long time and they have attempted to adjust to the times so that they will remain popular, which they have. On the other hand, Jollibee has only been an international fast food branch for about four decades. After just three decades of being international, Jollibee was rated by the Economist magazine as “a huge embarrassment to McDonalds.” Reviews of Jollibee were so much hi8gher than McDonalds that this magazine even went so far as to say that Jollibee was like the father of McDonalds, superior in every way.

Now this doesn’t mean that everyone who tries Jollibee thinks it is better than McDonalds; that is still up to personal taste to decide. However, when it comes to appeasing the multitudes and adapting to the tastes of the general population, Jollibee wins hands down!

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