Seeing Yourself as a Success

I have to admit one of the hardest things for me to do is seeing myself as a successful person. It’s something I have battled with for years. Call it ...

Try a P90X Class – FREE

Have you wanted to try a P90X class but didn’t know if you would like it? Print off this FREE training session pass and bring it in for a session ...

Stuck in a rut? Getting over the hump.

As a group fitness instructor and Beachbody coach I often see many people that get caught up in the day to of crazy life. We allow our circumstances and our ...


What is more important WORKING OUT or NUTRITION?

I am often asked what is more important if I had to ...

Never Give Up

I love the book the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. In it ...


“You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with ...

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Free Workout from 4/6/2016

10 – Mountain Squats (This is very close to Turkish Get-Up) (4:50 MARK) 15 – Front to Side Shoulder Raises 20 – Step-Ups with Weight 25 – Scissor Clappers 30 – Mountain Climbers 40 – Woodchoppers X3 Rounds – Add in 10 Burpees after each round.

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The newest program from Beachbody is rapidly becoming one of my favorite programs. So far the intensity of the program coupled with only 22 minute workouts is what makes for a quick butt kicking. Before I go into my free meal plan with 22 Minute Hard Corps I want to give some background on this […]

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Open Letter about Beachbody Coaching

Hey Friend! Can you believe we are already into the middle of February? Seems like time is flying by this year already. I hope you are still on track with your fitness and weight loss goals! This is about the time that most people drop off. I think it’s just easy to get out of […]

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I love these posts because I get to celebrate the hard work of many of our team members. Joshua Cole has been a coach on my team since the start and his rode to success has seen many ups and downs. I wanted to give him a HUGE shout-out on my blog for accomplishing the […]

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Body Beast Healthiest Beer Options

Ok if you are coming to this part you completely skipped over the section in the meal plan where they talk about alcohol. If you remember right Sagi talked about alcohol and giving it up during this program. If you can’t give up alcohol during a 60 day program you should look at your relationship […]

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